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The Board

Ann Lucier
(714) 403-5809
Ann moved to Colorado in 2008 with her husband and has lived in Severance since 2018. She is a mom to a son and two daughters. She is a full-time sonographer and owner of The BBQ Love Shack in Wellington, CO. Ann has a passion for fitness, running and supporting the community. She is dedicated to bringing awareness of the benefits of physical activity to Northern Colorado while giving back to our community.

Mandy Mullen
(970) 213-7258
Mandy is a Colorado native, mom of two boys and military wife. She owns run.Windsor, and saw a need for providing further no-cost access and education to the community through endurance events after witnessing first-hand the incredible benefits such events have. Mandy has a passion for cultivating a healthier community, supporting others who do the same, all while having fun through running! Mandy also serves as the interim Executive Director of the Windsor Area Chamber of Commerce, sits on the board of North Range Behavioral Health and is an avid ultra-runner herself.

Shawn Wherry
(714) 403-5809
Shawn has been a resident of Windsor, Colorado since 2019 with his two boys and wife. Since his arrival in 2019, he has truly found his passion and love with bringing this community together to facilitate a holistic well being and having fun while doing so. He has been involved in the endurance community for quite some time and truly found his friendship with Mandy to be a catalyst for their community. Through their friendship, passions, and partnership, Shawn has become the Director of Events for the run.Windsor Race Series, owner of run.Colorado Relays, and truly focused on how Windsor Gives can give back more to their community.